When you’re packing for a trip, the last thing you want to worry about is your jewelry. But if you don’t take the proper precautions, your favorite pieces could end up getting lost or damaged. Here are some tips on how to store jewelry for travel, so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

Sort your jewelry by type – keep all your necklaces together, all your rings together, etc.

It can be difficult to keep your accessories organized, but sorting them by type is a great place to start. Having all your necklaces together makes it easy to find the perfect one for each ensemble, while having all your rings in one place lets you mix and match each day.

Your earrings should also be separated based on studs, drops, and hoops to make sure they don’t get tangled.

Find a small, padded jewelry case or box to store your jewelry in while you travel

If you’re planning a trip and want to bring your jewelry with you, you’ll need a good way to store it. Investing in a small, padded case or box can be the perfect solution. I recommend this lovely velvet one from MrsQCreation. It has just enough room for packing your jewelry essentials, while still being compact enough to fit practically anywhere.

Not only will an item like this keep your necklaces and earrings from getting tangled together while they are traveling, but it will also protect them from any bumps and jostles during your journey.

If possible, put each piece of jewelry in its own compartment or pouch

Taking proper care of each piece of jewelry to ensure that it lasts an eternity is an absolute must. To do this, never store jewelry pieces in a jumble. If you don’t have a travel jewelry box, find something with separate compartments or pouches for easy accessibility and to prevent scratches or damage to any of the pieces. Plastic baggies, old mint tins, pill organizers, and old pill bottles all work great for this purpose. Each piece of jewelry you buy from Crown and Clover also comes with its own protective bag to make traveling with jewelry easy.

Doing this also keeps you from having to untangle painstaking knots of necklaces. The compartments will help keep your jewelry safe, secure, and organized.

Wrap delicate pieces of jewelry in soft tissue paper before packing them away

Protecting delicate pieces of jewelry is an important step in caring for your valuables. One way to do this is to wrap jewelry in soft tissue paper before packing them away. Not only does this prevent scratches and damage caused by banging against other items, but it also protects the piece from tarnishing. If you don’t have tissue paper, you can also use napkins, cloths, cotton balls, or even socks if you’re in a pinch.

When you reach your destination, hang up any necklaces or bracelets to prevent tangles

When you reach your destination after a long trip, it is always a good idea to hang up any necklaces or bracelets to ensure they don’t become tangled in your bag. Hanging them up also allows for increased visibility and makes them easier to access.

Taking the extra step of hanging these items when you reach your destination helps to keep them looking their best over time and prevents potential problems down the road. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it pays off to be proactive and hang up delicate items right away.

The Bottom Line

Packing your jewelry for travel doesn’t have to be difficult – just follow these simple tips and you’ll be good to go! And when you buy from Crown and Clover, you can rest assured that your jewelry will arrive safely since each piece comes in its own high-quality velvet bag. So start planning your next vacation – and don’t forget to pack your Crown and Clover pieces!

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